The Codependence of Men and Women

I believe men are letting their female counterpart down. Men complain about how women are so selfish these days and seem to be so shallow, but when they encounter a female with the values they seem to desire they fail to live up to her as a counterpart. SInce the beginning of human history, men have been the leaders. Sorry girls, but its true, men possess biological advantages that help them to appear psychologically dominant in addition to physiological dominance (if you really need proof of this, look around you, there is a reason society is still male dominated after 10,000 years of human civilization). But that doesn’t mean females are inferior in ANYWAY. I believe females possess attributes that will complement the attributes of their male counterpart and it is this very concept that drives the want for relationships. I’m sure those of you in HEALTHY relationships can attest to feeling more whole as a person. The problem is that men are acting as boys rather than men, and as the natural leaders, its only natural that our female counterpart follows suit and behaves just as immaturely as we do. So boys, better yourself! Improve your confidence, let go of your vices, do what needs to be done, not what you want to do, and most importantly believe in something… and our female friends will be there, more powerful than ever. I really believe males and females depend on each other (we are all human in the end), and as one grows stronger, so does the other. The suppression of female rights in our past was a dark stain, a stain caused by the insecurities of men. It’s almost as if since men have given power to the women, we feel as if we lost power, when really we haven’t lost anything but are simply sharing the responsibility with our counterpart. Remember “Two heads are better than one”!



Googlitity should be a word… Googlitity (Adj.) (Google – it – ity) – something’s ability to be verified by google, which means that it isn’t necessarily true but the speaker of such a claim is justified because they had in fact googled it and thought it was true and therefore is not a liar, ex. Well I thought I had heard it was Taylor Game not Taylor Gang, let’s check its googlitity.