About Me and this Blog

I’m a college senior studying Biochemistry. Though I study science, I have really always been interested in almost everything and I try to apply my knowledge to everything I can. Kinda like a kid with a puzzle piece sticking it everywhere to find the place it fits. That’s also how these articles are written. I will probably offend people. I will probably be flat out wrong about something. I don’t write these because I am trying to tell people what they SHOULD do or think but because I want to test some of my ideas against the ideas of others.

Please share your opinions freely, but I will ask that you do so in a respectful and well thought out manner. Things like “that’s dumb” or “your an idiot” are not respectful or well though out. If you think something is dumb, then don’t just say “that’s dumb” but give me reasons for why I’m wrong. I encourage as many new opinions and ideas as possible!

I believe that the internet is our new forum in the ancient sense of the word. In old times philosophers would sit and chat about ideas, but whereas they were limited to the people in their immediate area, we can share ideas all over the world, therefore we should be able to accomplish more than they could ever have imagined.


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